Once Again, America is the Arsenal of Democracy.

Once Again, America is the Arsenal of Democracy. October 12, 2023

Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Serf’s Up https://www.flickr.com/photos/serfs-up/

Americans can be proud of the way President Biden has handled both the war in Ukraine and the current crisis in the Middle East.

Franklin Roosevelt said “America is the arsenal of democracy.” That is true. We have been the arsenal of democracy for many decades.

President Biden’s response to the ruthless invasion of Ukraine by Putin and the bloody attack on Israeli civilians last weekend has been to continue that role. He healed our damaged alliances with NATO and other allies and brought them together to support Ukraine in its war for survival, all with the United States leading the way. At the same time, he has kept America out of combat.

Thanks to their own courage under the magnificent leadership of their president, and Biden’s forthright support of their fight, Ukraine is winning the war against the massive force of Russia. And Americans are not dying.

Biden  took a similar position concerning Israel. He immediately said that we would support Israel, but that there would not be American “boots on the ground” in this conflict.

He has been intelligent, responsible and presidential every step of the way. He has done this while America’s extremist right wing has continued to rain down nonsensical and obvious lies while doing  all they can to cripple our government so that it cannot function.

The right wing circus makes Biden’s consistent competence and patriotism even more important. We need people who care about governing in our Congress, our legislatures and in our White House. We need people who believe in democracy and who are willing to do whatever they must to preserve it.

I’m proud of our president’s handling of this crisis. He’s an honest and good man with real know-how when it comes to governance. I believe he cares about America and Americans

I’m linking to two videos of separate remarks the president made about the situation in between Israel and Hamas, and also a brief clip of remarks Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman made which include his feelings about Ukraine.  You can watch them by clicking on the videos below.

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