Five Abortion Workers Quit on First “Leave the Abortion Industry Day”

No Abortion Workers = No Abortions

It’s a simple equation. One that Abby Johnson seeks to employ with her ministry Then There Were None. The ministry held its first Leave the Abortion Industry Day on Monday, April 8. Five abortion workers have contacted her ministry for help in quitting the industry so far.

In addition to the babies this ministry will save, these five people have been saved as well.

Thank you Abby, for what you are doing.

From LifeSiteNews:

April 11, 2013 ( – Abby Johnson, the organizer behind the first-ever “Leave the Abortion Industry Day,” also known as Exodus 2013, says she is thrilled with the outcome of Monday’s event.

So far, she says, five abortion industry workers have contacted her ministry for help to leave their jobs. In addition, numerous media outlets, including the Mike Huckabee show and America’s News HQ show, and 30 radio stations, publicized the event.

“On Monday, we were able to talk to 5 employees who were looking to quit their jobs!!” she wrote in an e-mail to supporters today. “Five more people OUT OF THE ABORTION INDUSTRY!!  Five more people on the road to healing!” (Emphasis in original.)

Johnson, who is a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, started her ministry to abortion workers, And Then There Were None (ATTWN), in June of last year. Even before Monday’s event, the ministry had already helped 47 abortion workers leave the industry.

ATTWN provides emotional, financial, and spiritual support for workers who have left their jobs and are looking for a new line of work.

ATTWN’s motto is: “No more abortion clinic workers, no more abortion clinics, no more abortions. It starts with the workers.” (Read more here.)

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  • pagansister

    Obviously those that just left and those that choose to leave in the future, are doing what they feel they need to do. My question for the future, if indeed there actually would be no more abortion providers, is—where would a woman go who needed one? There will always be a woman who needs one—-so her choices would be what? The old standbys, I guess—-those like the butcher on trial now, or self done. Neither a good choice. There are private doctors who do them, in a non-clinic situation, so perhaps that option will still be open. One was available for one of my friends.

    • Theodore Seeber

      I have a tendency to question the need outside of the emergency room- so that would be my answer. The only legitimate need is medical; the only reason would be an already occurring medical emergency either due to a problem with the pregnancy itself or some extraneous condition.

      Either way, what we are now beginning to hear about is that abortion is far to dangerous for the mother to do in a clinic setting.

    • Birthday girl

      Those young women and 15-year-old that worked for “that butcher” … now there is a group of women who could really use the counseling and healing part of ATTWN’s ministry. Dear lord … help …