Whoever Did This is Going to Be in Big Trouble

“Whoever did this is going to be in a lot of trouble.”

Carlos Arredondo, made this comment after the bomb went off in Boston earlier this week. Of all the comments I heard last week, this one resonated with me the most.

The response to this tragedy has been magnificent, from the first moment until now. Mr Arredondo was part of that magnificent response. He immediately went into the danger area to help people. Doctors say that one of the people he aided, a young man who lost both his legs, would probably have died with the immediate first-aid and quick action of Mr Arredondo.

Carlos Arredondo lost a son, Alex Arredondo, in Iraq. He lost another son to suicide after that. Mr Arredondo is a peace activist. I’ve read that he tried to kill himself when he heard his son had died in Iraq. People are alive today who wouldn’t be because he failed in that.

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  • pagansister

    One of many who risked their own lives to help others—–and his verbal reaction was fantastic! :-)

  • Bill S

    Right across from him, in the bleachers on the opposite side of Boylston Street, were the guests from Newtown. Fortunately for them, they were far enough away from the blasts to not be injured.

  • pagansister

    As if those folks from Newtown haven’t had enough horror in their lives already, Bill S. Yes, most certainly fortunate they were not close enough to be injured.