Name that Video: What Does this Exemplify in YOUR Life?

Deacon Greg Kandra found this and I like it so much I’m putting it here.

It’s exemplifies my feelings about much of the legislation that the Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed this year.

What does it exemplify in your life?

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  • TheodoreSeeber

    Occupy the Monkey Cage!

  • talonspoint

    “Equal Pay for Equal Work” is nothing more than a statistical leftist trap. There are mitigating reasons why women do not always make on avg the same as men. Mostly its related to the propensity to cut off careers to pursue stay-at-home parenting resulting in men having longer tenures on avg in the same position. Basically the counter argument is simply “Do you expect men who have worked longer at the same job to only make what a woman makes who has been on the job less time?”

    Logically, if companies could get a qualified female for 80% of what they have to pay men there would be few men working in this labor anemic market as companies could easily improve profit margins by laying off men and hiring women. It’s simply a sexist fallacy based on tortured statistics.

    • hamiltonr

      Can you think of a quip to describe this idea?

      • talonspoint

        My capacity for quips is not the issue here.