Conversion Story

And oldie, but a goodie.


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History of the Crusades: The Battle of Tours, 732. Islam Halted
ISIS Plans Video Release About the Fate of Kidnapped Christian Civilians
Mexico Needs to Stop the Faux Outrage at the Pope and Get Real
History of the Crusades: Debunking False Crusade History
  • Manny

    LOL, that’s a great clip. You don’t know how many evangelicals I’ve debated who claim Catholics aren’t Christian. You should have seen my mouth drop the first time I came across it. I guess I was a bit naive but after it settled in it was (and still is) truely mind boggling.

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      On the other hand, in different climates the opposite can happen. When I was a child, I thought Europe was divided between Christians, Protestant and Orthodox. And worse still, when I told my father much later, it took him a bit to get the joke.