Our Holy Rolling Pope

There’s a new Harley motto: Never go faster than your guardian angel.

I don’t know what is more fun: The Pope blessing Harleys, the many accents talking about Harleys, or the image of the Holy Father smokin’ down the road, wearing his leather jacket, riding his hog.

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  • FW Ken

    Our Knights of Columbus chapter has a sort of sub-group of bikers: the Knights on Bikes. I remember the Sunday they presented Father with his honorary leathers.

    • TheodoreSeeber

      I wish I had bikers in my council. I think a Knights on Bikes drive would be a great way to accomplish 40 Cans for Lent and FFA.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    His predecessor had similar moments: http://fpb.livejournal.com/180480.html

  • ECO

    Harley-Davidson has come a long way. I remember the not so good old days and the motorcycle gangs.

  • James1225

    I stayed at a hotel where HD was having their annual meeting. They were really nice people.