The Holy Father and the Children: Ask Me Anything You Want (And They Did)

Pope Francis tossed away his prepared remarks at an audience this week because, he said, they were boring. Rather than making a speech to the group of children who were on stage with him, he let them ask him unrehearsed, unedited, questions.

The result is one of the most charming — and revealing — exchanges I’ve ever seen with any pope. One little girl asked the Holy Father if he had wanted to be pope. He said no, he hadn’t wanted to be pope. Another asked him if is was hard to move to Italy and leave his family and friends behind.

He answered all of these questions in his usual open way.

Pope Francis is the real deal. He’s so in the bag for Jesus that he’s past the constraints of that inhibit most public people. He has the ability to reach right through the trappings of office and power and into our hearts.

The video below offers a look at this wonderful exchange between the Holy Father and the children.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Stefanie

    I absolutely LOVED this. I had read about it on the Vatican News email and have been awaiting actual video because you can’t just read Pope Francis’ words, you have to watch him and read the meaning by his gestures/inflections. He is delightful.

  • Gordis85

    To be so open and with such patience and genuine love is what Papa Francis was all about that wonderful day he met with those precious children. My hope is that they will be profoundly moved by that gift of an encounter with the Vicar of Christ and be forevermore transformed.

    May Papa Francis continue to inspire us all to follow our Lord Jesus with an open heart and generosity of love towards our neighbor. Amen!