Big Oops and a Request for Help

I accidentally deleted the post Follow Jesus, Not the R and the D. Does anyone out there have a copy I can use to put it back up?

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  • Manny

    Yeah, you just didn’t like the points I was making. :-PPP :)))))

  • Josh Uniewski
  • FW Ken

    I looked at Disqus to see if my comment would access it, but no go. I do know that there are caches that save old versions of sites, and your Patheos people may be able it help you access it.

    It was a good column, too. Good luck.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Oh, so that’s what happened.

    Fabio- my remark about good Catholics being monarchists was in relation to the Kingship of Jesus Christ and the rule of His Vicar the Pope. I’m well aware that actual individual monarchists, like many of us, did great harm to the Church at times, and that those events were a big part of why religious liberty is so important in America.

    OTOH, a look at the Index of the original Butler’s Lives of the Saints reveals 6 Kings, 4 Queens, 2 Emperesses and an Emperor. So they can’t have all been as consistently bad as people make out. And I’m not sure so-called “free societies” have actually done that much better.

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      Do you have the least idea how many people bore the title of reigning monarch in a Christian state in the period covered by Butler? That only thirteen of them, in spite of their extremely public lives and of the fact that they all could be relied upon to have supporters to popularize their virtues, lived saintly lives, testifies against the class, not in its favour.