Happy Birthday America, Land that I Love!

Red Skelton gave this Pledge of Allegiance on national television many years ago. It’s probably more valuable for us now than it was then. Watch it and ponder how great this country is. America is an experiment in government of, by and for the people.

What kind of America will we hand forward to our children and grandchildren? Each generation of Americans has the responsibility to protect and defend freedom. This does not always mean putting on a uniform and fighting for our country in war. It can, and it must, mean guarding our freedoms from those in our government here at home who would beguile us to give freedom away in exchange for false promises of security and wealth.

Freedom has a price, and that price is eternal vigilance against those who would destroy it.

Watch Mr Skelton’s moving rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance and ponder.

Happy Birthday America, Land that I love!

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri
  • TheodoreSeeber

    I am convinced that the government no longer is Patriotic- they no longer love either land or people- and have become our enemy.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    And because the previous link was rather on the grim side….


    Gloriam vidi oculis meis progredientis Domini
    Qui vindemiam vindiciarum pedibus comprimit
    Qui fatalem gladii sui fulgurem liberavit;
    procedit veritas!
    Gloria! Gloria! Deus laudetur! [ter]
    Procedit veritas!

    Facies suam vidi in focis legionum multorum
    Qui altaria Ei construxerunt noctibus incumbentibus
    Legi iustam Suam sententiam per exhaustis lucernis;
    Dies sua oritur!
    Gloria! Gloria! Deus laudetur!
    Dies sua oritur!

    Evangelium enitentem legi in ferreos acies:
    Sicut vos agitis in alteris, ita in vobis Gratia Mea.
    Pressit, ex Femina natus, Vir serpentem pedibus
    Cum et Deus procedit
    Gloria! Gloria! Deus laudetur!
    Cum et Deus procedit.

    Quae receptui canere nescit sonita buccina est
    Judicantur corda adstantium sedem Sui iudicii.
    Age, anima mea, age, et gaudens ad Eum i:
    Deus noster procedit
    Gloria! Gloria! Deus laudetur!
    Deus noster procedit.

    Quia trans mare in pulchritudine natus est liliorum
    Iesus, cuius gloria in pectore omnes nos trasfigurat;
    Mortuus est ut santificemur; ita agere nobis est,
    Cum Deus progreditur
    Gloria! Gloria! Deus laudetur!
    Cum Deus progreditur.

    Amen venit sicut gloria orientis super mare diei,
    Ut potentibus consilium, et auxilium fortibus;
    Mundus vere scamnum pedis, tempus servus erit suus,
    Deus noster procedit
    Gloria! Gloria! Deus laudetur!
    Deus noster procedit.

  • FW Ken

    Happy 4th of July to all. May the beer be cold, the bratwurst hot, and the fireworks spectacular!

    • pagansister

      What you said! Our neck of the woods has had rain for the last 6 days, so most activities have been either postponed or canceled for today. We’re hoping for better weather tomorrow!