Trust God and Love Him. Stop Carping at Our Fellow Christians.

The video below has evidently become a flashpoint in certain Catholic circles.

I honestly have no idea why.

It shows a large group of Catholic bishops rehearsing for some sort of musical presentation at World Youth Day. The bishops appear to be having a good time. I know it made me smile when I saw them doing this. My only negative reaction, and it wasn’t negative, but affectionate, was that they need more rehearsing.

There is nothing sinful that I know of about them doing this. I think it shows our religious leaders’ willingness to reach out to the people of God. I will never criticize the bishops for doing that. I rejoice when they do it.

After all, St Paul preached a sermon in the name of the Unknown God to try to reach people for Christ. Can you imagine the carrying on if a bishop did something like that?

Whimsy is not sin. It is not heresy. In fact, whimsy is a good thing. We should always take God seriously. Ourselves, not so much. Trust God, and love Him. And stop carping at our fellow Christians when they are trying so hard to do their best for Him.

Does anyone honestly believe that Jesus and the Apostles didn’t dance at the wedding at Cana?

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  • FW Ken

    The best comment I’ve seen on the dancing bishops: look on the bright side. It’s probably the only exercise some of them have had in years. :-)
    I say that as one desperately needing to go to the gym.

  • hotboogers

    Well, I’m no traddy, but I do enjoy glorious solemnity in liturgy. What this video reminded me of was the year our Catholic school adopted a Christian pop song as their them for the year. I think it was “Our God is an Awesome God.” They had arm motions to go with the words and all the kids would do it en masse (heh) throughout that school year. The kids had fun with it. I think the teachers had more fun with it. Kudos to the bishops for having open minds, but overall … meh.

  • jenny

    I like it… let’s be young in our spirit and body…

  • stefanie

    I knew this would be a distraction for some, but I thought the rehearsal vid (which was done before the Eucharistic Adoration Vigil on Saturday) was funny — I told my kids that the bishops had “Lando” syndrome which Star Wars fans would understand. I got a kick out of it because I had been rehearsing the flash mob moves and words via a video on Youtube (search for “Francisco” WYD Rio and you’ll find it readily enough. When the actual flash mob event happened — at around 6:30 a.m. my time, I wished the camera was more on the 3.2 million assembled on the beach than the clergy, but oh, well.
    Also the music throughout the closing Mass was so very good! Very reverent, LATIN Mass parts for the public prayers. I was grateful and enjoyed every minute of the Mass. Now on to Poland! — I wonder if they are more somber there?

  • Manny

    I agree. I’m tired of so called “purists” who essentially want to chuck people out of the church because they may be “cafeteria” Catholics. These purists are the opposite of evangelizers. No wonder South Americans are becoming Protestant. If Catholics comprimise, let God judge in the end. The church rarely ex-communicates. (I know that’s slightly off topic, but I saw something elsewhere that ticked me off.)

  • TheodoreSeeber

    I’ll take dancing Bishops over Roller Skating Circus Angels any day of the week! As far as liturgical dance in Brazil goes, this is extremely conservative and orthodox.