The Holy Father Does Rio

The Holy Father Does Rio July 29, 2013

These are videos of our beloved Holy Father’s time at World Youth Day 2013.

They include the Pope’s arrival at Copacabana Beach, his visit to Varghina Favela slum area, an enormous flash mob for the Pope, one home movie and Pope Francis’ farewell gesture of love from the helicopter as he was departing Rio.


Pope Francis Arrives at Copacabana Beach for Mass

Pope Francis Visits Varghina Favela

Swooning at the sight of the Pope

Massive Flash Mob for Pope Francis

Pope Francis departs Rio.

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One response to “The Holy Father Does Rio”

  1. I’m still amazed that there is not only a Copacabana beach in Rio, but that there is such a visitation as “Our Lady of Copacabana” and a chapel dedicated to her.

    Especially since as a horribly under cultured and provincial American, all I can hear in my brain is Desi Arnaz singing “At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest club this side of Havana”….

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