Muslim War On Christians: It’s Women and Girls First

What kind of “men” kidnap young girls as a means of waging a “holy” war?

The video below is difficult to watch, but then the reality of what is happening to Christians in Egypt and elsewhere is far more difficult.

The practice of kidnapping Christian girls, raping them and forcing them to “convert” to Islam appears to be widespread throughout the Middle East. There’s not much to say about men who do cowardly things like this to women and young girls except that their “manhood” isn’t all that manly.

One of the more disgusting things about this is the silence from feminists. Where is the outrage about this outrage?

On a side note, I repeat Ravi Zacharias’ reaction when he heard Dr. Richard Dawkins’ incitement of his followers concerning people of faith to “mock them; ridicule them; in public; with contempt.” Dr Dawkins and his crowd should book flights to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc, and try this there.

They could also do similar experiments with the Hindus of India. I’ve got videos of what can happen.  Or, they might try ridiculing the faux religion of statism that is practiced in the various atheist paradises.

In truth and in fact, the only societies in the world where they have the freedom to behave like this are those that are informed by Christian values. You know: The terrible, horrible Christian morality that says that all human beings matter, no matter their stage of life or level of health, and that every person has certain inherent rights that come from God.

God help us all if the Christian bashers of the world succeed in wiping that morality out of public discourse and civil society.

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  • D. A. Christianson

    Horrendous, and powerful. Thank you.

  • Manny

    OK, the video brought me to tears. May I ask what good has come out of removing Mubarak as head of Egypt? We have turned an ally into a unstable country. We have a middle east policy that is an utter failure. How many failures does this administration rack up? Our only hope is that the military there can straighten things out and bring back a military dictatorship.

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      For reasons I fail to understand, the Obama administration has consistently supported one Muslim faction, namely the Muslim Brotherhood. That did not imply that they did not oppose, or even fight, other Muslim groups, such as Al Qaeda and the “government” of Iran. Understand that the USA are backing the Brotherhood to the hilt and you will understand what is going on in the Muslim world, including especially Obama’s evident and ultimately disastrous drive to have a “democratic” Brotherhood-led Egypt. (It was a disaster because the Brotherhood proved incapable of governing and the military drove them out again, and this time they have a lot less reason to be respectful of America than they had in Mubarak’s time.) As for WHY this stupid obsession has become national policy – you get two guesses, then I get two guesses.

      • Manny

        I agree. I don’t understand the Obama policies either. It could be they thought because of Obama’s heritage on his father’s side they would listen to him. It seems they counted on what was a house of cards.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I did not watch the video, I know too well what to expect. What makes the evil of Islamism so intractable is that, unlike most political evils we have to fight, it comes from below. It encourages individuals and families to act horrendously in the name of Allah. It does not even have to have political power, and in effect political power is powerless against its antics. In recent history, we fought enemies who sought political power and used political power to unleash their evils, so that, once you removed a Nazi government, or a Communist government, the evil they did was pretty much over. America is learning the hard and bitter way that this simply does not work with Islamism. It is rooted in the people and works itself out in what we would regard as acts of petty – or not so petty – criminality, motivated by the inherently criminal belief that, under Allah,the world belongs to them. It is kind of like the shadow power the KKK used to have in the south, only fifty times so. My view is that these violent and chaotic societies will eventually force the rest of the world – including non-Christian societies such as China and India – to re-colonize them somehow, imposing some sort of direct control, and that the only way to oppose Islamism is by constant, unrelenting imposition of our idea of law and order everywhere and at every level, with no compromise and no sentimentality (Islamists are past masters at appealing to sentimentality). If we cannot believe in our values enough to force them to be applied in all situations, then the enemy is allowed to attack as they please.

  • FW Ken

    Where are the western feminists indeed? I suspect they are where they were when President Clinton’s sexual abuse was revealed: a few excoriated him, but most excused his boorish and abuse of power to one degree or another.
    My question – and it’s not snark – is where are the Muslim women in all of this? I know they are kept under wraps, literally and figuratively, but are they complicit with the abuse given Christian women? Do they put Islam above their gender?
    And where are the supposed hoards of “moderate Muslims”? There’s a bit of snark in that question, although I am sure there are instances where Muslim families protect Christians, just as Christians have protected their neighbors many times. A corrolary question: how much of this is attributable to the religion of Islam, and how much attributable to Arab culture? Are these things happening in Indonesia and other heavily Muslim, but not Arab, countries?

  • Bill S

    The world desperately needs secularism. Christians can live with it. Muslims must learn to live with it. Only a secular government can combat Muslim extremists. Look at the progress made by secular nations. Look at the decrepidness of nations controlled by Muslims. I don’t care if Muslim populated countries like Egypt and Syria ever have democracy. They will only abuse it.

    • TheodoreSeeber

      Muslims will kill secularists. No secular government can withstand people willing to kill themselves to take out others.

      • Bill S

        Well, I hope you are wrong about that. Should we have Christian governments instead? Do you think they would be better at controlling Muslim uprisings?

        • TheodoreSeeber

          I don’t believe Christian governments have a great history with Muslim uprisings either- witness the history of North Africa between 570-800 A.D. At the beginning of that period it was such a strong part of Christendom that it gave us both St. Jerome and St. Augustine. At the end of that period, it was Islamic.

          I don’t know what the answer to the challenge of Islam is, but it isn’t government. And the more decentralized that al Qaida gets, the less government can be the answer.