Caretaker daughters of mothers who are going through elderly dementia shouldn’t read and review books written by daughters of mothers who went through elderly dementia.

Sometimes, things are too close.

The review I wrote about The Geography of Memory, a Pilgrimage Through Alzheimers, took a lot out of me. It left me feeling blue and disconnected; not wanting to do anything. I consoled myself by playing the piano, and now I’m going to go spring my mother from Adult Day Care and spend the lunch hour with her.

But between the piano and the decision to go get my mother, I found this video. It gives what I needed: Perspective.

Maybe it will do the same for you.

YouTube Preview Image


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  • FW Ken

    Bless you, Rebecca. You might enjoy this link:

    I couldn’t read the linked story, but the comments were very comforting. If course, I’ve “known” those people for a long time, so it may not mean much to you. In any case, I really admire your devotion to your mother. A great thing is that your children are learning how to treat elderly folk, which strengthens your family now and in the future. God is blessing you