Real Feminism Begins at Home

This video addresses what I’ve long believed is the forgotten core need of women: the ability to have a family and a home and still use their full capacities in life.

Ironically, this is also a core need of men.

People need home and family. The deepest fulfillment in life is looking in the face of your own beautiful child.

How did we get so turned around that we think these things are burdens rather than gifts?

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  • Manny

    “Ironically, this is also a core need of men.”
    Why ironic? Are we men made of a different stuff? ;)

    • hamiltonr

      Apologies Herr Manny! I said ironically because the simple fact that men need home and family just as much as women do goes against the cultural myth of the caveman/rambo that we are taught to believe.