The Roman G8: What Will They Tell the Pope?


Pope Francis began his papacy by appointing a group of eight cardinals, dubbed the G8 of the Church, from around the world to advise him. They will meet in Rome next week, October 1-3. The video below is an interview about what to expect from one of the participants, Cardinal Gracias from Bombay, India.

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  • FW Ken

    It’s interesting how much Pope Francis had already done for the reform of the Curia. Spiritually, he (with Papa Benedict at his side) placed the Vatican under St. Michael’s protection. He has been preaching a variety of sermons on gossip, greed, careerism – just the things that corrupt an organization. He has also made some appointments to significant positions, moving some folks up and some down. It’s fair to assume he’s been consulting with the G8, but leaves me wondering what the confab this week will do.