It’s About Self-Respect

Trollop fashions are the antithesis of self-respect for young girls. It’s particularly significant that we push this stuff on even very young girls, including pre-schoolers. Every time I see an ad for a tv show about beauty pageants for girls under ten, I cringe.

This video approaches the issue from a different angle. I’m interested to see what your reactions to it will be.

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  • SisterCynthia

    It probably would strike some as dorky, but I think it’s good for girls to hear guys saying this. Certainly some guys SAY they like girls with standards, then date the ones without them, but that’s more a sign of their human weakness than that there are no good men and that you might as well just act like the movies tell you to. Even if it meant being alone (which it doesn’t), it is better to have your honor than to have cast your honor aside for some attention.