Southern Baptist Convention Files Suit Against HHS Mandate

The Southern Baptist Convention has joined dozens of other religious organizations by filing suit against the Obama adminstration’s HHS Mandate. Southern Baptists are the second largest denomination in America, with over 16 million members.

My question: Where are you Marymount Loyola?

From the CBN News:

The Obama administration has said churches and a narrowly defined category of religious organizations are exempt. But the administration is still threatening devastating penalties to many other ministry organizations, like Christian colleges, missions organizations, and family ministries.

“The government’s refusal to treat these ministries as ‘religious employers’ is senseless,” Mark Rienzi, senior counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said in a written statement.

“These people spend their lives teaching and preaching their religious faith – if they do not qualify as ‘religious employers,’ the government needs to get a new definition,” Rienzi said.

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  • FW Ken

    Southern Baptists are not, in general, opposed to artificial contraception, so I suppose they are keying in on the abortion side of the issue. I think that’s excellent, since it’s a side that’s been rather downplayed.

  • Leaven for the Loaf

    Great news. The more, the better. As for Marymount Loyola and other institutions that haven’t taken action yet, it’s time for them to realize their position is shifting beneath them as more and more people challenge the Mandate. The question is no longer “why should we go to all the trouble of filling suit?” but rather “how can we explain why we’re on the sidelines?”

  • jenny

    More of us, better.

  • Heloise1

    “the government needs to get a new definition,”

    What we need is a government house cleaning.

  • Manny

    God bless them!

  • pro-plan

    A Gallop Poll states 89% of all Americans say birth control is morally acceptable. The rate is 82% for Catholics and 92% for non-Catholics. Only 8% of Americans feel it is morally wrong. So who is the Baptist and all these other anti-contraception
    churches and organizations representing? Certainly a very small minority at best – and perhaps they need to listen to the majority of their own flock better, before they all fly away.

    • FW Ken

      Because truth is a matter of majority opinion…. yeah, right.

      But it’s about abortion, and it always has been. From my perspective, it also should be about sterilization. We’ve seen the government involved in that business before, and it’s not a happy picture.