25 Black Friday Facts

I’m skipping Black Friday shopping. I never go to these sales. But for those of you who do, here are a few facts.

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Two Bad Presidents Made Iraq into the Petri Dish that Grew ISIS.
The Christian Basher in Chief Explains Pope Francis
Senate Punts on Obama Trade Deals. The people Lose Again.
We Need Caregiving for Caregivers of Parents with Dementia
  • Sus_1

    I have mixed feelings about Black Friday. I feel guilty for not participating because our budget would benefit from the deals. However, the materalism displayed grosses me out. People get hurt in hysteria.

    I do take part in Cyber Monday. 90% of my shopping all year is done online even though I feel guilty about it because I pay more overall. I just can’t give up the convenience.

  • pagansister

    My sister and I went to a movie—no shopping—just relaxing. I hate huge crowds and do not shop on Black Friday.