Guess What? Heaven and Hell are BOTH in Oklahoma!

It seems that a number of the Catholic Patheosi are blogging about hell.

Since all I know of hell is what I’ve learned during the last week of session in the Oklahoma Legislature, I’ve decided to talk about that other place.


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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I thought Hell was in Italy… …. or else in Michigan….,_Michigan

  • Judith Johnson

    have you ever tried to go from I-40 to any small Oklahoma community off the beaten path you will learn that the twisting roads to Dante’s inferno are lacking appropriate signage, and the traveler becomes lost. But only in Oklahoma and not in Texas, where the roads are very long, but clearly marked on ones descent.

  • FW Ken

    Texas in August, and most years, September, it’s pretty much hell. The poor people in Houston have air conditioning. They have to.