I Confess


Pope Francis on confession. I included two videos because together they give a fuller understanding of what the Holy Father said.

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  • FW Ken

    The Anglicans used to have a general confession in the Eucharistic Liturgy that included the following:

    We do earnestly repent, And are heartily sorry for these our misdoings; The remembrance of them is grievous unto us; The burden of them is intolerable.

    Another form of concession for the daily office included the following:

    We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; And we have done those things which we ought not to have done; And there is no health in us. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us, miserable offenders. Spare thou those, O God, who confess their faults. Restore thou those who are penitent…

    These phrases have always spoken to me of the truth of our condition. The burden of our sins really is intolerable, and that burden can be lifted with only a free minutes facing the truth: we are offenders so miserable that we usually don’t recognize the misery. I know that when I delay going to confession, which I do too often, it’s like a weight on my back.that grows and grows… then it’s gone.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Every two weeks, hmm. I wonder what most piests do. I confess i go every three or four months.