It Must Be Almost Thanksgiving Because I’m Steam Cleaning the Shower

So I was steam-cleaning the shower; giving the house it’s Thanksgiving go-over.

I have an industrial-strength steamer that, when it’s fully rigged up, looks a lot like one of the bugs in Starship Troopers. It produces hot, hot steam in violent jets that dissolve dirt and slay bacteria with a single hiss.

I was running it with the squeegee attachment, going up and down the shower walls, steam coming out in an angry zzzzzzzz, my laboriously straightened hair collapsing into tight little curls, when my youngest son popped his head around the bathroom door.

“Whachadoin’?” he asked.

(Duhhhhhh …)

“Cleaning the shower.”

“I want you to come do that to my shower,” meaning, the shower in the house he shares with his brother, a shower so dirty that there’s no way to be sure what color the enamel might be; a shower so dirty that self-respecting bacteria moved out months ago; a shower so dirty that I wouldn’t use it to bathe a dog.

“Nope. But you can borrow the steamer.”

“But I want you to come do it.”


“All right then,” he said, wandering off.

I guess I’m responsible. After all, I raised him.

When he marries, I plan to begin my relationship with my new daughter-in-law by apologizing.



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  • Heloise1

    As a newly wed I blamed my husband’s bad habits on his mother. Over time he, of course, picked up quite a few new ones. She had him 17 years. I was responsible for 37 years.

    You will be forgiven. Not right away, but with time comes wisdom.

    • Manny

      Hahahaha my wife blames my mother too for my bad habits. We’ve been married 22 years, which is more than my mother had influence over me. So next time she brings that up i’ll have to throw that fact at her. Of course I never bring up her bad habits. Well, ok, I do…lol.

      • SisterCynthia

        It took not quite a year of my picky-eater hubby’s response to “unusual” food/vegetables, where his mom would like the items he rebelled against, for me to realize it was aaaallllll him and had nothing to do with how she raised him. And since he’s actually tried stuff for me that he wouldn’t for her, I am guessing there’s not much more she could have done. ;)

        • Manny

          It must be love then. :)

  • pagansister

    That sounds like my son—before marriage. His wife is a better housekeeper than I ever was—and our house wasn’t exactly dirty!! :-) Happy Thanksgiving, Rebecca!!

    • hamiltonr

      Happy Thanksgiving PG!

  • Manny

    That sounds great. What’s the make and model of that thing? I’d like to get one.

    • hamiltonr

      It is great. I bought it on Amazon. Wagner 915 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner

      • Manny

        Hey, it’s only $96. I envisioned something that cost $300+. Maybe I’ll get it for my wife for Christmas. Nah, not for Christmas. She’d give me a black eye if that was her Christmas gift…lol.

        • hamiltonr

          I thought about telling you to not go off and buy that for you wife for Christmas. Not the way to have a happy life. :-)

  • FW Ken

    Thank goodness my mother didn’t know about that contraption. She had about every cleaning device known to humankind, most of which she made me use at one point or another.

    It didn’t help: your sons would be quite at home in my shower. Preferably not at the same time.