Let My Lifesong Sing to You


May you have a happy and holy All Saints Day.

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  • pagansister

    Happy All Saints Day to all!

  • Bill S

    I’ve had an experience which I have described that has led me to trust in Jesus, although I am not sure of if, where or how he exists. The alternative is to stick to my atheist position and not acknowledge that he somehow exists.

    Acknowledging the existence of an afterlife with saints in heaven and souls in purgatory and hell is a bridge too far in my journey back.

    • hamiltonr

      You’ll get there, my friend. Just stop demanding so much of yourself. Trust Jesus and let it slide.

    • FW Ken

      You can only walk according to the light you have, not the light you don’t have. The trick is to stay open.

      And that’s true for me, you, Rebecca, and everyone else.