We Try So Hard to be Good, to Lead a Life Worth Living


Gratefulness is a blessing in itself.

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    This is what I said on Facebook:

    I am not American, but a day dedicated to gratitude is such a good idea that I like to adopt it. (While many of my sillier countrymen insist on adopting Hallowe’en.) So:

    I am grateful that the negative influence of Silvio Berlusconi on Italian government and politics – and even just manners – has been removed. We still will have to contemplate the man’s ongoing struggles against the judiciary, but twenty years of absurdity and ruination are over, and one hopes that those who are left know how to take advantage of it.
    I am thankful for all the friends I have made online, and for the mostly undeserved good opinions I got. (As well as for the often salutary and deserved criticism!) I need friends like I need air to breathe, and it is wonderful to be able to have so many.
    By the same token, I am thankful for the internet and for social media. With all their imperfections on their head, there has never been a broader and more serendipitous road to the hearts and minds of others.
    I am particularly thankful that among my F-list stand the two gigantic names of Mike Kaluta and Bill Sienkiewicz. To breathe the same air as such people is a privilege. I am also grateful for the infrequent contact with David Lloyd, and for a few other lovable cartoonists and fans – Fred Hembeck, Will Meugniot, Kate Cranshaw/ Ani Bester, Dwight Decker, Lou Mougin, and all the others I have forgotten. Sorry! May the spirit of Supersnipe never be far from the land.
    I am thankful for the positive end of a year-long struggle with bureaucracy.
    I am thankful, as I have always been, for my mother and the good folks in my family.
    I am thankful for the enormous amount of material I got practically free from the internet for the history books I am planning.
    I am (conditionally) grateful that the end of my computer troubles – perhaps even more than one end – seems to be in sight, which will allow me to get back to writing;
    I am grateful for all the things that I am generally grateful for: for the beauty of my countries England and Italy, for the glory of all the arts that daily comfort my existence, the wisdom of science and philosophy, for people as they are and as they try to be, for the many, many tender and touching and beautiful stories I come across, for knowing that such people as Jack Kirby and Miyazaki Hayao (to mention only two) have lived and live, for the Catholic Church in which I was born and whose faith I believe, for the Faith and those who lived it and decorated it, and for our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Dale

    Grateful for each hand we hold
    Gathered round this table.
    From far and near we travel home,
    Blessed that we are able.

    Grateful for this sheltered place
    With light in every window,
    Saying welcome, welcome, share this feast
    Come in away from sorrow.

    Grateful for whats understood,
    And all that is forgiven;
    We try so hard to be good,
    To lead a life worth living.

    Father, mother, daughter, son,
    Neighbor, friend, and friendless;
    All together everyone, let grateful days be endless.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Happy Thanksgiving Rebecca and to all her readers.

  • FW Ken

    A belated but heartfelt “Happy Thanksgiving”.

    I hope every soul reading this was as blessed as I was today. Last Thanksgiving, Mother was three weeks gone, and I think we were shell-shocked, but today was fun, with a new great-nephew (and godson to me), and time spent passing out Mother’s jewelry (she did like her bling), with the looks on the grand-daughters’ faces. There were gifts for the great-granddaughters, too, but they won’t get them for a few years. :-)

    Thanksgiving was always a big thing on Mother’s side of the family, and it was such fun thinking about five generations of those babies’ family.

  • FW Ken