2013: The Year that Rocked the Church


We are so blessed to be part of the Catholic Church, especially at this time when we have the opportunity to do great things for Our Lord in a world that needs Him so much.

This video highlights some of the momentous happenings in 2013.

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  • Bill S

    Catholics may have prayed and fasted for peace in Syria and think that it was in answer to their prayers and fasting, but the diplomatic efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry had a lot to do with it as well. On the downside, a leader who gave the order to use weapons of mass destruction on his own people got away with it for the time being. It is still important that he be brought to justice and perhaps executed for his crimes.

    • FW Ken

      I’d give more credit to Putin than Kerry the way Obama was beating the war drums.

      The important thing to remember about Syria is that there are no good guys there, in a political sense.

      • Bill S

        I agree. There are no good guys, except maybe the ones being killed and persecuted. Assad simply must stand on trial for his atrocities. It might take decades, but sooner or later he will be held accountable. He can join Snowden in Russia, I suppose.