Conversion Story: Jesus Came to Heal the Broken Hearted, and I Had a Broken Heart


This is a beautiful testimony of conversion to Jesus. In a way, it’s a rescue story.

Notice this young man’s discussion of his friends who led him to Christ by their example, witness and loving invitation. That is a potent form of evangelization. It is what Pope Francis is trying to teach us. The question is, do we have the ears to hear?

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  • Manny

    Wow, awesome! He should be proud it only took him twenty years. It took me more than double. God bless him.

  • abb3w

    The Altemeyer/Hunsberger “Amazing Conversions” study suggests (among other findings) that irreligious-to-religious conversions tend correlated with personal emotional stresses, exposure to religious social support networks, and relatively authoritarian personality converts.

    So, not particularly surprising. The example of loving social support is one of the main recruiting strengths on Christianity, so far as groups indeed practice it; its failures, one of the main ways Christianity loses former believers. If Christians can continue getting better at this, it may ceteris paribus slow or even reverse the rate of exodus from the Church. Contrariwise, ceteris non paribus; the “Activist Atheist/Agnostic” types are beginning to weave their own social support structure alternatives, which may decrease Christians’ relative advantage for this sort of recruiting.