2013 Favs: The War on Girls: Ob-Gyns Ignore Health Risks to Push IUDS, Hormonal Implants on Teen Girls

Last week in The War on Girls: NYC Schools Pushing Plan B on Young Girls I wrote about NYC’s outrageous policy of pushing the morning after pill on teen-aged girls through the schools.

This week’s story is from a September 26 CNS article detailing an even more outrageous update to the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to make dangerous IUDs and hormonal implants the “first-line contraceptive options” for teen-aged girls, which should be “discussed at each doctor’s visit.” The updated guidelines recommend that doctors suggest these “longer term alternatives” that “can be left inserted inside a woman’s body and left in place for several years.”

I am seriously beginning to question if the health and well-being of girls is of any concern to the population control people. Also, just who is in charge of our various medical associations? It appears that social agendas take precedent over patient care with these groups, at least when the patient in question is a girl.

According to Dr Bill Toffler, professor of family medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, the devices this new update recommends in the Ob-Gyn guidelines are

“… typically expensive, costing hundreds of dollars, although under the Affordable Care Act, minors will have access to IUDs and other contraceptives at no cost, and in some states will be able to receive them without parental consent.

“The devices also release powerful hormones within the body and can lead to a significant risk of infection, especially during the early stages,” he said.

“Essentially, you’re putting a foreign body into a normally sterile cavity,” he explained.

“In addition, one in every 1000 women who use an IUD will have their uterus perforated, potentially putting their future fertility at risk,” he said.

Toffler warned that the promoters of the new guidelines “have thrown these concerns under the bus” in their zeal to reduce teenage pregnancy rates.

However, their attempts to do so may actually contribute to teenagers having “less inhibition” about sex and engaging in increasing levels of risky behavior, he said.

“People may be falsely reassured,” he explained, noting that with the average teenage relationship lasting only three months, many young people are already involved in numerous “fleeting” sexual relationships.

In addition, Toffler said, the promotions of IUDs are misleading, and women are not properly informed about how they function.

He explained that it is an undisputed fact that “one of the ways they work is to interfere with implantation,” thus ending the life of an already-created human embryo.

Some women who think they are simply using a preventive form of contraception may not realize that the device is also an abortion-inducing agent, he observed.

Toffler also said that he has had personal experience with women who became pregnant while using IUDs, posing a risk in removing the device. Such situations are also associated with higher proportions of ectopic pregnancies, which occur outside the womb and can be life-threatening for the mother. (Read more here.)

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  • http://ackans.com Mr. V.

    When will this madness end?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      When the parents of girls reassert themselves and say enough.

      • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

        Unfortunately Rebecca there are enough parents that actually endorse this, or the politicians who passed this would be through. I have to say the politicians play the Catholic Church like a violin.

  • http://reflectionsforthesoul.com Marcelle Bartolo-Abela

    “It appears that social agendas take precedent over patient care with these groups, at least when the patient in question is a girl”

    You should see what happens within the field of psychology, if you think that’s bad…

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Marcelle, can you give me some direction where I might research what the situation concerning girls in psychology?

  • http://catholiccoffeetalk.wordpress.com Marie Bernadette

    This is sick. Beyond sick.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Yes it is.

  • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

    What you all said, except that I don’t think “It appears” is necessary. Ugh.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I always try to be polite. Sometimes I fail. :-)

  • http://egregioustwaddle.blogspot.com/ Joanne K McPortland

    I have been seeing this coming since the Planned Parenthood/Guttmacher Institute driven guidelines came down from the National Institute of Medicine in its report on women’s health last year, and have been following this development and writing on it. The NIH report—which relies entirely on stats provided by population control experts associated with PP and with the manufacturers of long-term, non-compliance-dependent contraceptives, though they are not identified as such—defined pregnancy (especially in young, uneducated, minority, and poor women) as a public health emergency. It is what led to the HHS mandate, and to a year’s worth of cleverly placed “news” stories highlighting the benefits and downplaying the substantial risks of “carefree contraception.” Please keep highlighting this attempt to set an anti-population public policy at the risk of the health—and legitimate CHOICE—of all women. You have a much bigger platform than I do

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Joanne, I wasn’t aware you were writing about this. I have NO doubt you do it much better than me. There’s enough evil here that we’re both together just trying to dip out the ocean with a teaspoon. I think you’re right by the way: PP is behind this.

  • Ailina

    Since when is irreversable bone loss in adolescent girls acceptable? That is a serious side effect of the injectable birth control method called Depo Provera. Teen age girls are supposed to be building their bone masses up, not down. What an insane policy.

  • Ted Seeber

    The entire intent of the Secular Humanist Church of the Holy Orgasm, aka Planned Parenthood, is to have young girls available who are incapable of breeding. This is just another step in the line.

    • Ted Seeber

      In my state (Oregon) we just had our pro-life chair of the Knights of Columbus send out a very disturbing bit of info he got in his classroom. He’s a public school teacher at Besnon High in Portland. Planned Parenthood is moving in big time in the Oregon high schools, and has started a program called Teen Outreach (TOP). He forwarded me the permission slip for TOP- which asked parents to sign not just medical rights- but PHOTOGRAPHIC rights away for their kids. Apparently they were paying kids $5 for each signed permission slip turned in.

      Is TOP Planned Parenthood’s child pornography arm?

      • Margaret

        Ted, if it was an agency that I could assign a benign or neutral motivation to, I’d say the photo release was nothing. Lots of groups want to use good photos of happy kids happily participating in their activities in their future promotional materials and pamphlets and things. But PP is definitely not neutral, much less benign. I can’t think they’d be stupid enough to use photos for pornographic purposes, but I still can’t think of any GOOD use they would put them to…

  • http://jessicahof.wordpress.com/ JessicaHof

    The really sick thing is that these people really believe that they are helping young girls. What a sad and reductionist view of what it means to be a woman in our society.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      True Jessica.
      “What a sad and reductionist view of what it means to be a woman in our society.”

  • tedseeber

    “In addition, one in every 1000 women who use an IUD will have their uterus perforated, potentially putting their future fertility at risk,” he said.

    Sad to say, but isn’t that kind of a bonus from the view of the Malthusian Eugenicists? Seems to me a woman whose fertility is permanently disabled is even better than one whose fertility is only temporarily disabled, at least from the standpoint of wanting the human race to go extinct.

  • CathyLouise

    I have a daughter in middle school. The school is 6th – 8th grade. Last year I went to the parent meeting the school called to review the sex ed. curriculum. In a school of more than 1,000 students TWO parents showed up; me, and an elderly grandfather who had custody of his granddaughter. The school did not place a call this year for a parent meeting. No wonder PP shows up.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I refuse to send my son to the NYC Public School system. I don’t know how to escape what’s happened to our culture, but I need to shield my son for as long as possible. It’s even worse for girls. Here they’re actually pushing pills on them. And wait until Cuomo gets his expanded abortion bill through. What a viscious cycle they’ve created: Sexualize the kids and then lead them to the abortion slaughterhouse. It feels like hell on earth.

  • Bill S

    “He explained that it is an undisputed fact that “one of the ways they work is to interfere with implantation,” thus ending the life of an already-created human embryo.”

    There are primary and secondary reasons for voicing concerns. I think, to many, this is the primary reason being expressed as a secondary reason. It shouldn’t be a consideration at all, but it seems to be all important to Catholics, although few venture to admit it for fear of ridicule.

    To some degree, I am just starting to acknowledge that Christian morality, which was fully in force in my life until I graduated from my Catholic high school, will be missed. Yes. It is over the top causing many to reject it. But I think that may be a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. All one has to do is watch a show like “Two and a Half Men” to start yearning for the good old days.

  • Sus_1

    So we can’t buy an extra large soda in NYC but teenage girls can get something that will mess up their bones and whatever other side effects that we don’t know about yet with Plan B.

    I don’t know if the soda law happened or not but I do know there was much more news about it than Plan B.

  • Lyra Belaqua

    I’m weighing in late, but teens and young adults should be aware of their options. They do not NEED to have an IUD placed, they do not NEED to go on oral contraceptives. Just as an IUD has a chance of side effects, though, you need to point out that so does pregnancy. Pregnancy can have severe, lifelong, potentially fatal side effects; why are these never mentioned when discussing birth control?

    On another point, that doctor (not sure if he’s an MD or PhD) pointing out that having birth control increases sexual activity sounds more like a stereotype. I’ve had birth control twice and haven’t felt a need to increase my sexual encounters from 0 to 1+ at ALL.