Vatican: Catholic Schools Must have a Catholic Identity

“I’ll accept you, but only if you leave your identity aside.”

This statement sums up the challenge a lot of Christians are facing in their walk with Christ. The Vatican’s answer is that Catholic schools must retain their Catholic identity in the face of it.

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  • FW Ken

    A .pdf of the document is online, but I don’t know how to link those. It’s not on the Vatican website yet.

    What, exactly, constitutes a “Catholic identity” is an interesting question.

    • RMBRUCK this is an excellent book on the marks of a Catholic School

    • pagansister

      I too wish to know just what constitutes a “Catholic identity” or any other religious identity for that matter? What makes one a Methodist, or Jewish or Muslim etc. What is their criteria for an “identity”? What makes one Irish, or Hispanic or Indian (from India,not Native Americans) or English or French etc. I expect there are as many answers as there are folks from those groups.

  • Manny

    Yay!!! Absolutely! This is a legitamate way to fight back the secularization of this world. Now we need to make sure our Catholic Colleges and Universities understand this. They are probably more at fault than anyone else.

  • jenjenspendsagain

    You don’t have to “leave your identity outside” you big exaggerator. Nor can you force it upon others. Nor can you put “your identity” over the beliefs of others. This isn’t hard stuff, you know.