Abortion: Four Decades

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Dems for Life Calls on Hillary to Open Up Democratic Party to Pro Life People
Breaking: Federal Court Forces Notre Dame to Follow HHS Mandate
  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I did not know Clinton gave $75M to Planned Parenthood. I used to say that the only issue Clinton would never budge on was abortion. It was the only thing he really believed in. Wonderful video. Thanks.

  • Bill S

    This is a case where people really should worry about them and stop trying to impose their values on others. “My generation will stop abortion”. Really? So. Your generation will take away the rights of women to control what goes on in their own bodies?

    At some point, it comes down to people minding their own business.

    • Dave

      If people would stop trying to impose their (lack of) values on unborn babies, we wouldn’t have this problem.

      • Bill S


        Having an abortion is an act of desperation most of the time. It’s not a matter of imposing one’s values on anyone.

        • Dave

          Killing someone isn’t imposing one’s values on them? It’s a rather permanent way to do so, if you ask me.

          • Bill S

            No. It isn’t. You don’t know other people’s circumstances and you have no say in their decisions as painful as they may be for then or how repulsive they are to you.

    • Smithgift

      Would you take away the right of property from slave owners?

      • Bill S

        Yes. I would consider the rights of the slaves to supersede the rights of the owners. I do not, however, see that analogy being applicable to the rights of the fetus superseding the rights of the woman if that is what you are implying.