Son of God to Open in Theaters February 28


I’m going. Are you?

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For more information, go here.

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  • Madzi

    I’ll reserve judgement until I actually see it (IF I see it) but I thought the series was shlocky and a bit embarrassing. I hated that the source and summit of our faith— Jesus truly present in the Eucharist— was dismissed. If this is merely a big screen version of the mini-series, I’ll have to pass. But, having said that, we’ll see…

  • Becky

    I watched much of the miniseries and am not up for another round of Roma Downey as Botox Mother Mary. However, I hope the movie will touch others’ hearts and achieve success.

    • oregon nurse

      She used to be so pretty now she’s another one of the Hollywood plastic surgery freaky faces. In one of her interviews I saw she actually had trouble forming words because her mouth was so distorted from whatever she had done. I guess if you see enough ugliness being called beauty around you every day it becomes the new standard for beauty. Kind of like calling good evil and evil good.

  • Manny

    I don’t know. The few fragments of the miniseries I caught I thought were horribly done. But this seems to have gotten good reviews.

    • hamiltonr

      I want to support Christians in the media any way I can. No question here. I’m going. (And dragging my stay-at-home-hubby with me.) :-)