Twins are Born, but Haven’t Realized it Yet

This is a beautiful video. Enjoy.

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  • pagansister

    Beautiful indeed. Precious little ones. :-)

  • Ray Glennon

    Rebecca, Thanks for posting this beautiful video showing the preciousness of new life.

    My wife and I watched this shortly after returning from the excellent movie Gimme Shelter. Based on a true story, Gimme Shelter is a realistic portrayal of a pregnant 16-year old that has lived through very difficult circumstances and finally accepts God’s love. If you or your followers haven’t seen it yet, my wife and I strongly encourage you to do so. Blogging for the National Catholic Register, Tim Drake offers Eight Reasons to See ‘Gimme Shelter’

  • Manny

    That is beautiful. I have to say it hit a chord inside me. I was born with a twin but he died after a day from birth, so I’ve never known him and yet his existance is in the family folklore. It just struck me that the only time I’ve ever known him is in the nine months within the womb. The way those twins in the video were holding each other is something I must have done with my twin.
    By the way, is that how they wash babies after birth now? Seems a little dangerous to submerge them like that.

  • Sus_1

    So beautiful. Great start to my week! Thank you for sharing.