Future Priests Embrace Celibacy

“The priesthood is too serious a call, not to have guys who are 100% committed to what they are doing.”


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  • Bud Stupple

    I’m not saying it’s not OK for priests to be celibate but if you think you know many priests who are celibate, you are a gullible person.

    • FW Ken

      So how does the rate of priests violating their vows compare with the rate of married people who violate theirs?

  • Guest

    How do you square that with 1 Timothy 4,3 ?

    • hamiltonr

      I’ll start it off.

      The verse you are referring to is part of a longer discussion about what will happen in the “later times.” It says that, among other things, people will “abandon the faith,” “follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” and that such “hypocritical liars” will have “consciences that are seared as with a hot iron.”

      It goes on to say that “they forbid people to marry.”

      Somehow, you seem to have conflated this last verse with what you believe is the wrongness of the vows that priests take, committing themselves to a life of celibacy for the Lord.

      In truth, there is considerable Scriptural precedent for these types of vows in the Old Testament Nazirites.

      Priests and religious take vows before God. Among other things, most priests do not marry. (There have been exceptions.) This has never been claimed to be one of the dogmatic teachings of the Church. However, no one “forces them not to marry.” They simply decide of their own free will to dedicate their lives solely to the service of God.

      In my opinion, the verse you have cited, when it is taken in context, is referring to the Last Days. I also think it comes a lot closer to describing what is happening in our society than it does the priesthood, which it does not describe — and did not intend to describe — at all.

      Remember, St Paul himself was unmarried, and he told people that if they could stay unmarried and dedicate themselves solely to God like him, it would be good. Remember also, Our Lord talked about people who are “eunuchs for the sake of the Gospel.”

      That’s the trouble with trying to be literal with verses you take out of context: You can make them apply to anyone and say just about anything.

      • Guest

        Context? 1 Timothy 2:12

        • hamiltonr

          Since you’re new here, I’m going to allow this to make a point.

          Do not use the Scriptures to attack other people. This includes specific groups of people.

          Also, I’m coming to an end of my tolerance for Scripture cites without discussion attached to them.

          I assume that your use of this verse means you do not have an answer for what I said, and that this is your tacit admission of you inability to reply.

          If you have a discussion or argument (I mean stating your position, not yelling and attacking) that you want to make about the subject we’re discussing, which is priestly celibacy, then by all means make it. But stop with the one-verse nothings.

          I realize that certain religious sects engage in this kind of behavior. But this is a Catholic blog. We study the whole Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelations, including the books which some groups removed from the Bible during the Reformation. We also consider the thinking of Christian teachers, going back to, and including, the Apostles.

          Our understanding is a synthesis of this. It is a complete understanding of the whole of Christian thought, including the whole of the Bible. By taking verses out of context and flinging them around, you can “prove” anything at all.

          What you cannot do with this behavior is follow the teachings of Christ. Using Scripture in this way will turn you into a person who thinks that God is made in your image and that He is a weapon you can use against others. You will end up as far away from the real God as you can get.

          I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the complete teachings of the Gospels of Christ which are found only in the Catholic Church. It will open your mind and your heart and lead you to a much deeper understanding of what Our Lord wanted us to know.

          I would guess, based on your behavior, that you are quite young, probably under 18. If that is true, you really need to study more. I’m sure that if you contacted a nearby Catholic Church, someone there could direct you to appropriate reading so that you learn more about the faith.

          • Guest

            Woman, Catholic, and Democrat.
            3 strikes, you’re out.

            • hamiltonr

              As I said, you sound as if you are very young; under 18, probably around 14 or so.

              Since the topic that first caught your interest was priestly celibacy, you might be interested in reading this publication from the Knights of Columbus. It will give you a more intelligent view of things.


              • Guest

                I’m 48, and not the least bit interested in your nonsense. You’re a member of the abortion party, the church of the Ustachi, and far too ignorant and uppity to waste my time on.

                • hamiltonr

                  I had to look this up. From what I read, the Ustachi (the spelling I saw was different from this, btw) were an unusually violent group of murdering Nazis during WWII.

                  As for the rest of this comment, if you truly are 48 going on 14, that’s sad. I understand that you can’t stay around here where people don’t fall over or froth at the mouth because of your insults. It must be very uncomfortable for you.

                  If you ever decide to explore the one true Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church, the people here will be glad to help you and welcome you home.

                  There is one thing though, and that’s labeling me as “uppity;” in fact, “far too” uppity.

                  I take that as a compliment. All I ever wanted to be was an uppity, pro-life, Jesus-believing, Democratic Catholic woman.

                  Thank you. :-)

                • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

                  Wow, a Croat! Except, not a very historical one.

                  The Ustachi claimed to be Roman Catholic, but rejected the Catholic part, for they were Croatian Nationalists.

              • SisterCynthia

                Rebecca, thanks for the link, I’m reading this booklet, and it’s rather good. I also spent the afternoon looking at a “Catholic Answers” Bible at a bookstore. It was over $60, so I let it go back to it’s place on the shelf, ;) but it was helpful in explaining how you guys view and why you do some of the things that Protestants look at and go, “uh?” I think there might be a bit less cross-the-schisms hate like this stupid thread if people of the different traditions could share WHAT they actually believe and why without accusing each other of being perverse heretics set on bringing shame to Christ. Even if it doesn’t lead to any changes in affiliation, (and I’m probably naive for thinking this) perhaps we could agree to serve Jesus as best we know how and seek to do good in this fallen world…. My realistic side thinks I’m being silly, but I guess I prefer to engage in wild flights of hope now and then.

                • hamiltonr

                  Well said Sister. I’m glad you enjoyed the booklet. The Knights have some great literature.

          • Guest

            Catholicism is heresy.
            You are lost, and no one wants to find you.
            Tolerate that.

            • FW Ken

              If I may butt in (no offense, Rebecca, you are doing a fine job), “no one wants to find you” set off a buzzer. See, friend, we heard in church yesterday that when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Let’s say that Catholicism is heresy, let’s say that I am damned, Christ still died for me. And for you.

              The bell went off because my pastor pulled out his stock phrase that I can’t hear enough: we are wanted in heaven. You and me and Rebecca… God wants us home with him so much that he sent his son who died for us to open the way. He sent his church to be a conduit of Grace. Bless you for reminding me of these things.

  • FW Ken

    First, celibacy as a discipline has worked well for us. The Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, which is your garden-variety parish in the U.S., is the largest religious entity in the world. I’d have to look it up- but I’m pretty sure the Latin Rite is lather than the other Rites put together. People who want to slander the many priests who honor their vows, (even those who call and rise again) have a heavy burden of proof that won’t be met by old gossip.

    Second, it’s been a few years, but Fr. Andrew Greeley (a serious sociologist) referred to a study that showed 70%+ of middle-aged priests satisfied with their lives. Having been a middle-aged man, I thought that sounded pretty good.

    Finally, the statements in the pastoral epistles about being the “husband of one wife” had always been understood to proscribe polygamy, not celibacy. In fact, the eastern churches have always had celibate bishops.

    So if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.