Okies Chase Westboro Baptist Church Out of Town


The idiots of the Westboro Baptist Church, “shagged tail, got in them cars and was leaving in a hurry,” after tangling with the outraged citizens of Moore Oklahoma.

The Westboro group showed up at Moore, planning to picket with the message that the death of innocent children when last year’s tornado hit their school was “God’s judgement.”

Several hundred people, many of whom had lost their homes, friends and family members in the storm, were there to greet them.

From KFOR.com:

MOORE, Okla. – Hundreds of Moore residents lined Broadway across from Central Junior High Sunday afternoon.

They were ready and waiting for members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.

Members of that church have long contended that God hates homosexuality and America’s tolerance of homosexuality.

They also claim that he sends disasters as punishment.

Church members had a permit to picket in front of the school, which has been housing Plaza Towers Elementary students since last year’s deadly tornado.

According to the Westboro website, they contend that God sent that tornado as retribution against Moore.

Amanda Eccles said, “It’s just sickening. You know, it’s just innocent kids that lost lives and it’s sickening for them to even think that way.”

Kristy Hensley said, “They’re judging us because they think that, you know, we deserve what we got you know. But you know, their judgement day will come.”

Westboro’s permit to picket was for half an hour.

They had been there a mere eight minutes when several people took matters into their own hands.

Some Moore residents crossed the picket line to go after Westboro members.


  • fredx2

    It’s about time.

  • pagansister

    Good for the citizens of Moore. Westboro Baptist is such a poor representation of Christianity. They are people with NO feelings for the feelings of others—as they are very arrogant in thinking they actually know what God thinks or cares about. They have, IMO, NO CLUE!

  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    From that standpoint, the death of Fred Phelps was also “God’s Judgement”.

    • oregon nurse

      I don’t think they count death from natural causes as God’s retributive judgment ;-) However, he did die shortly after being kicked out of the church so maybe they do!

  • SisterCynthia

    :) I’m glad they were met with the appropriate southern hospitality.

  • Rob B.

    It’s good to hear that the members of this community took it upon themselves to make this happen.

  • FW Ken

    This kind of protest at an elementary school is child abuse. I don’t condone violence, but a bit of intimidation might have been justified.

  • george-a

    This makes me want to move to Moore and live there.

  • Bill S

    As much as I dislike the Westboro Baptist Church, they were exercising their religion and freedom of speech that are protected under the First Amendment. The people who kicked them out would probably say they were being persecuted if the same were done to them. Did the police protect the protesters or did they allow them to be assaulted by a mob?

    • hamiltonr

      The police protected the protesters. Westboro was clearly exercising their First Amendment right to demonstrate. But sometimes, mocking people whose children have died can be risky business.