Boulder’s Court Clerk Issues Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples, Despite the Law

But … it’s the law!

You must follow the law!

That’s the com box battle cry whenever the topic of Hobby Lobby or the baker who has no problems serving gay people, but just doesn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, due to his religious beliefs. This argument also gets trotted out whenever a high school senior mentions God in his or her graduation speech.

Now Boulder Colorado’s court clerk, Hillary Hall, is going renegade and issuing gay marriage licenses, even though Colorado’s ban on gay marriage is still intact and operative.

The shoe, at least for a while, is on the other foot.


From The Denver Post: 

BOULDER — Despite warnings from Colorado Attorney General John Suthers that the documents aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, same-sex couples lined up at the Boulder County Clerk’s office Thursday to get marriage licenses.Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples Wednesday after the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Utah’s ban on gay marriage.

But in a news release akin to a fraud advisory, Suthers made it clear that the licenses are not valid.

“That’s their opinion. We disagree with it,” Hall said Thursday morning. “We will be here issuing marriage licenses until a Colorado court or the Supreme Court tells us to desist.”

So far, no other Colorado counties are following suit.

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  • Rob B.

    Ahhh, Boulder. The city that is so far left that it is right… :)

  • Rob B.

    Society’s willing embrace of immorality is never inevitable, though it often seems so.

  • Rob B.

    And I’m sure she would be if she refused to give out licenses in an SSM state. But of course, supporters of SSM only support the rule of law when the laws is in their favor…

    • Bill S

      As well she should be.

  • FW Ken

    A little on the passive aggressive side, aren’t we. You brought up suicide and provided a link to the subject. That makes it a topic beyond watching a movie.

    In fact, I said nothing against gays. I pointed out that if you want to make claims, you need evidence. Also a fact, I am not against gays, but against gay propaganda. Two different issues.