It Just Depends What Kind of Pain You Can Take (Warning: NOT for Kids.)

It just depends what kind of pain you can take.  

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Ok. So what do you want for your daughter?

Law school?

A loving husband, kids and a home of her own?

How about sitting on the podium as she is sworn in as governor of a state?

Does anything you hope when you look at your little girl include whips, chains, and sado-masochism, including anal sex?

Do you want your 15-year-old daughter being counseled (at tax-payer expense, I might add) on the ins and outs of “kink.” Do you want her young mind warped to the point that she views sex as something where the question is how much pain can you take?

If you have a son, do any of your hopes for him revolve around sick relationships based on hurting his wife or girlfriend? Do you like the idea of your son in chains while a dominatrix whips him?

If the answer to these questions is “no,” then I have a couple of follow-up questions for you. Why are you sending your son or daughter to public schools where they will be taught these things in sex education classes? If you haven’t demanded to see how your Congressperson voted on funding for Planned Parenthood, why not?

The Live Action videos below show a Planned Parenthood counselor, complete with the comforting medical symbolism of scrubs and stethoscope, counseling what she thought was a 15-year-old girl. This counselor goes into detail with this young girl about how to go about engaging in sado-masochistic sexual behavior, including anal sex with her 17-year-old boyfriend. The counselor even coyly mentions the possibility of sending a friend in to a store to buy “sex toys” for these underage kids.

I’ve put three fairly graphic videos below. None of them are for kids, even though this kind of talk is routinely given to kids as “sex education” and the song is promoted and sold in the venues they watch.

The first video, which is taken from The Young Turks, begins with one member of a panel that is discussing the exposure of young girls to beating through music decrying the situation. He is promptly answered by another panel member who says that the song being quoted is by Rihanna, a singer who was beaten up by her boyfriend and is now back with him.

Frankly, I don’t see how that makes this ok. It seems to me that the fact that Rihanna was beaten up by her boyfriend pretty much puts a face to this sickness.

My indignation is struggling with my desire to make a point here. In truth, I would like to just ask people how stupid they really are to allow their children to be exposed to this trash.

I guess, despite how repulsed I feel, that is the question. We can’t keep this off the airwaves. We can’t keep it off cable television. And it appears that, no matter which political party we vote for, we can’t stop our taxes going to pay for it. Our schools aren’t doing such a hot job on basic education, but they are very successful at teaching kids to accept and “explore” sexual perversion of every type.

So, what are parents who care — as opposed to those who clearly don’t — supposed to do? I’ve already said several times that I homeschooled my kids. That is one answer, for at least some people. But it’s only part of it. As the Planned Parenthood counselor noted, porn sites are easy to find on the internet. If we want to protect our kids, we have to limit their access to the internet and cut off some of the cable channels that go to our house.

Even more important, we have to spend time with our kids. I don’t mean time spent driving them from one lesson and one activity to another. I mean time spent together as a family, just kicking back.

Look at the videos below and decide what you think.

Live Action video of Planned Parenthood counselor “teaching” a 15-year-old girl about bondage, domination, sadism, masochism and anal sex.

YouTube Preview Image

Planned Parenthood video, once again teaching about “kink” sex.

YouTube Preview Image

Rihanna, S&M. Rihanna is the woman in the photo at the top of this post.

YouTube Preview Image


In another take on the issue, Joanne McPortland raises the question — which occurred to me as well — as to what kind of burned-out teens are we dealing with that need sex toys and “kink” to supplement their adolescent hormones in providing excitement about sex? It’s a valid question indeed.


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  • Jasper0123

    this is what the Democrap party stands for.

  • Manny

    OMG, this is appalling. I’m not going to watch the videos. And PP is supposed to have women’s interests in mind? What a joke that is.

  • peggy-o

    I have been navigating my teens thru public school and while I don’t want to blanket judge or be naive, it takes a lot of prayer and effort regardless of Ed choice given our culture. My daughter just graduated a strong and wonderful young woman with catholic values which she learned in the home. My son finished his soph year and is going to nationals in debate next week. He knows about respecting women because I felt so strongly about installing it. We went from my censorship to giving the understanding and wisdom to censor for themselves as they mature. I’ve definitely made my mistakes but We work and pray at it as a family. Parents must have those values first and care enough to fight the culture. I know you are on to something here especially with PP even though I haven’t seen this example in our public schools.

    • hamiltonr

      It sounds like you are a wonderful mother Peggy. What you’ve accomplished with your kids in that environment is incredible.

  • hamiltonr

    Send it to me as a pm on Facebook Gordis. I’ll see it there.

  • AnneG

    How is this video and PP promoting anything wholesome and healthy for anyone, especially a teenager. It is too bad this isn’t on the news as it certainly has shock value. I feel a combination of rage and disgust. How dare that woman encourage that for a teenage girl. How does this not increase sex trafficking? Awful, and, No, my congressman does not vote for PP.

  • hamiltonr

    Thank you Gordis.


  • pagansister


  • LeticiaVelasquez

    Very well said! I homeschooled and am now on my local school board to keep the filth of PP FAR away from my district.

  • hamiltonr

    Gordis85, I received your links and will write about them. Thank you for caring.

  • hamiltonr


  • hamiltonr

    I was kind of taken aback by that assertion too. The young people I know are all in their 20s now, and they were homeschooled. I can tell you this is not on their radar. In fact, they think it’s crazy.

    I do believe that is the new thing to hard sell to kids. I’ve seen articles, especially on Yahoo’s news site promoting it. In fact, that’s why I switched to Google.

    What about those of you who have teens in the public schools? How ubiquitous is this?

    • Theodore Seeber

      I’m scared of the day my son will be paid $5 to attend a Planned Parenthood TOP class- sponsored by the federal Department of Health. Bill Diss lost his job fighting this stuff.

  • hamiltonr

    I’ve heard from kids who’ve been in sex ed courses in the public schools. It’s pretty rank. However, one thing to remember is that parents who allow their kids to watch cable television are also exposing them to prurient sexual violence on a repeated basis.

    • pagansister

      Obviously not what I was taught—mine was very, very uninformative. My kids never mentioned their sex ed course given in their public school. Much more accurate and informative at the church course. Yes, cable can be a problem without supervision of shows. However computers also offer a source of things sexual and violent so until a certain age, supervision should be happening with the kids. The older the kids, the harder supervision is. Off to college and they are on their own.