Pope Francis: Sex Abuse is a Sacrilegious Cult


Our Papa brings it with this extraordinary reflection on sex abuse.

Have I mentioned that I love this man?

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  • FW Ken

    Pope Benedict was long known as the main Vatican official pushing for dealing with abusing priests. He had the process moved to the CDF, where he led the review of 3400 “credibly accused” priests. 848 were formally laicized (almost 400 in Benedict ‘ s last two years as pope), around 2500, mostly old and infirm, were put out of active ministry.

  • peggy-o

    We don’t know the whole picture here Bill. I have zero respect for Law, but I have heard it was more an exile than promotion. However I too want more justice. Actually Pope Benedict went much farther in going after these molesters than JP II who it has been alluded he restrained Ratzinger in some areas. I will withhold judgment for JP since as Thomas Moore said ” I have no window to judge another man’s soul”.

  • peggy-o

    Love, love love Papa Francis! So much clarity and truth! On a lighter note, I keep telling my son, who is rooting for Germany in World Cup that Pope Francis is so close to God that Argentina will likely win…perhaps some spark divine still glowing from World Youth Day…for the home team of our Holy Father….perhaps.

  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    Too bad the very people who need this message the most- SNAP members- won’t listen. And likely neither will those who already have broken the trust of the world by ignoring the vow of celibacy.

    He needs something higher profile. Like marking his new found understanding with the excommunication of some Argentinian priests and bishops.