Jihadist Flag in East London, Anti-Semitism in Europe ‘Worst Since the Nazis.”

Peter paul rubens the raising of the cross

I am overwhelmed by the news. So, I’m not going to comment on these stories. Read and discuss. Let’s see what shakes out. 

Anti-Semitism on Rise Across Europe in ‘Worst Times Since the Nazis.’

Jihadist Flag Flown in East London

ISIS is Systematically Beheading Children in Christian Genocide

Ukraine: Russian military intervention risk has risen, says Polish PM

US Warplanes Strike Militants in Iraq

WHO Declares Ebola an International Health Emergency

China: The Beginning of a Foreclosure Crisis

Bishops Move to Counter Black Mass in Oklahoma City


And finally, my Catholic Patheosi colleague Tom McDonald says it all with We Broke the World 

  • pagansister

    Is this the time where the expression my best friend used a lot when we were growing up to describe huge problems? She used to say “(fill in the blank) is going to hell in a hand basket”. Guess this could apply to now: “The world is going to hell in a hand basket”.

    • Gordis85

      Ah…it looks that way, yes. But we believers gotta hang on til the end and it is hard for me right about now, but I remember (often) this promise, in order to keep me sane and awake and praying at all times:

      “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

      Holy Mother of God, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

  • AnneG

    Remember, according to one of the Iranian Ayatollahs, Israel is the little satan. The US is the big satan.
    Looks like that disease is spreading.

  • JoaHGlockner Rightjustice

    The only disease spreading is quite obvious, false Propoganda. Infecting those whose resistence to gullibility is very low, hopefully wont reach epidemic proportions.