What are the Top 5 Issues Congress Won’t Touch?

What are the Top 5 Issues Congress Won’t Touch? June 5, 2018
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So while Congress is positioning itself for the next election, what has it done about the problems of this country? Here are 5 urgent problems it has not addressed. 

What has Congress done about …

1. School safety. Remember the school shootings? What, besides yip and yap about gun control, which doesn’t address the causes of the problem, and would do nothing to keep kids safe, has Congress done about school safety? We need to keep the kids in our public schools safe. That is a public trust which the government is violating when it does not address the immediate question of how to literally and absolutely stop these shootings. 

Has Congress even so much as discussed, in a thoughtful way, measures that might ensure school safety? 


Has Congress floated ideas for legislation (other than tear at one another and posture for election about “gun control,”) to ensure school safety?


Has Congress — heaven-help-us — tried to work together in a bi-partisan fashion (you know, as if this was their job) to protect our kids?


Do you think they will?

2. The run-away Imperial Presidency. Congress created the Imperial Presidency by refusing to act on politically hot issues. It was Congressional dereliction of duty that set the Imperial Presidency in motion. 

We have a president who is evidently floating the idea that he is, in himself, the embodiment of the law, and, as such, it is impossible for him to break the law, since, after all, he is the law. 

That’s the meaning of all this blather saying that the president can’t be subpoenaed, the president can pardon himself, etc. 

However, our presidents are inaugurated, not coronated. The president is not the nation, and he is never above the law. 

Has Congress done anything to protect our democracy from the Imperial Presidency?


Do you think they will?

3. Meaningful pro life legislation. The same Congress that managed to pass a massive tax cut in a presto-chango fashion just can’t seem to pass pro life laws. 


Well because they use votes on pro life legislation as a set-up for the next election. I’m sure there are sincerely pro life people in Congress. But, based on their bill-passing behavior, most of the “pro life” people we have in Congress see abortion as a “wedge issue,” a tool to be used in elections, and not an evil they hope or want to end. 

Do you think they will pass meaningful pro life legislation?

4. Foreign influence on our elections. Has Congress passed laws to protect our elections from foreign influence? 


This is a classic case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Our Republic is under attack by hostile foreign powers, and the President is denying it while Congress is doing nothing. This is beyond disgraceful. It is the behavior of traitors. 

5. Direct foreign interference in our elections. Has Congress taken action to ensure that all elections in America are safe from foreign tampering?


Congress is not the Toastmaster’s Club. They do a bit more than give speeches for the cameras. Or at least they should. 

Congress is a whole separate branch of government which has been completely useless to the American people for decades. This Congressional dereliction of duty created the Imperial Presidency. 

Each succeeding president behaves a bit more like an elected dictator. The president we have now is pushing the envelope on that to the point that he is making statements that Henry VIII would have backed away from. 

Somehow, he’s moved from dictatorial statements and on into something that sounds suspiciously like claims of the divine right to rule. 

Where is Congress in all this? 

They are positioning themselves for the next election, while helping their political party position itself for the same. 

And doing nothing much else. 

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