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April 2011 Biblioblog Rankings

Jeremy has posted the biblioblog rankings for this past month. Exploring Our Matrix came in at number 3. Thanks to all my readers! Jim Linville promises that the monthly Biblical Studies Carnival is coming soon…but slowly. [Read more…]

Trying Blogpress

When I travel to Israel this summer, I will be testing out the blogging capabilities of the iPad 2, in the hope that when I travel with students I can keep them in touch with their families and post photos from the trip. To that end, I’ll be trying out some blogging apps, including the [Read More…]

Congratulations to Ken Miller

Congratulations to Ken Miller, who has been named the winner of the 2011 Stephen Jay Gould Prize. If you have never read it, or if you know someone who has been duped by promoters of Young-Earth Creationism or Intelligent Design, I strongly recommend his book Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between [Read More…]

Congratulations to Nathan MacDonald

Congratulations to Nathan MacDonald, well known for his work on monotheism. He has received the 2011 David Noel Freedman Award for Excellence and Creativity in Hebrew Bible Scholarship. [Read more…]

Safe Assign and Freshman Writing

The Safe Assign feature on Blackboard is great for detecting and deterring plagiarism. But I’m finding an additional use fot it in teaching freshman core writing courses. If you teach a course in which students have to submit a draft, get feedback (and perhaps a grade) on the draft, and then revise the essay and [Read More…]

R. Joseph Hoffmann is Sexy

“R. Joseph Hoffmann is sexy” That’s what someone typed into a search engine today. And it brought them to my blog! And in the process, I learned that I am #17 in the Google search engine ranking for that search string. Go figure. Anyway, well done, Joe. I thought you would want to know, and [Read More…]

The Non-Randomness of Evolution

Here’s another BioLogos video, addressing the notion that evolution is “random,” and featuring a range of scholars from Sean Carroll, the biologist working in evolutionary developmental biology (Evo-Devo), to John Walton, known for his work on Genesis 1. HT David Opderbeck. [Read more…]

Is This Cartoon Biblical?

Rachel Held Evans has posted some “rules for engagement” that it would be great if all Christians followed in relation to the Bible. She also posted this cartoon… [Read more…]

Birthers, Mythicists and Creationists

Oh, the sense of pride and worth it brings when you know that you have avoided being duped, unlike the vast majority of people. That sense is perhaps responsible for more people getting duped than is any actual act of deception. I noted once before the similarities between mythicists and birthers, but seeing some of [Read More…]

Rally to Restore Unity Synchroblog

Rachel Held Evans is organizing a Christian Unity synchroblog. Click through for details. It will focus not only on civility of discourse, but also working together across ideological divides on things that we can hopefully agree on  – like the importance of people having clean drinking water, and the need to raise money to help [Read More…]