Star Trek Valentines

Just as with other sci-fi shows, so too there are tons of Star Trek Valentine’s Day cards and images. Star Trek, after all, was full of romance and even interplanetary interspecies mating.

Some of the cards and pictures I found are cute, some are funny, some are too awful to share, and some are so terrible that they become funny again and must be shared. The best ones are the ones that only make sense if you know the show with the same intimacy that you know or hope to know your valentine. So happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy this sampling of Star Trek Valentines!



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  • Vostok

    Shamelessly stolen from somethingawful with no credit given. Cool. 

    • James F. McGrath

      I didn’t find these at Something Awful. I did a post on Star Wars Valentines and there were several which had the Something Awful watermark, leading me to trace them there, and I gave credit where credit is due. These, on the other hand, lack that watermark, and so while Something Awful may also have gathered a collection of Star Trek Valentines, I haven’t seen it. Could you share a link, perhaps? Thanks.