The Late Jesus’ Wife Gospel Documentary

Some are declaring the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” dead as far as its authenticity is concerned, but at the very least, it seems that the Smithsonian Channel has decided to delay the airing of the documentary about the papyrus fragment. Hence the atrocious four-way pun in the title – it can be referring to the documentary as late, to the entire matter as over and deceased, plus it can also be understood to be referring to the wife of the late Jesus, or the late wife of Jesus. And on that note, Mark Goodacre has the latest about the text, articles, and documentaries.[Groan…]

On this topic see also: Ian Brown’s post on the Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog. Mark Goodacre on why he is disappointed with the coverage by The Guardian.

And click here if you think that “The Late Gospel of Mrs. Christ” would have been a better title for this blog post.

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