Pauline Authorship: Visualizing the BNTC Survey Numbers

Dan Wilkinson was not entirely happy with just the numbers provided in Paul Foster's article, from which I shared some statistics in a previous post. So he made this:


There are exceptions and unusual viewpoints. I know someone who doubts Paul wrote Galatians. If he had been there, the chart would have an outlier. But gathering and collating views compensates for such things, and even when scholars with unusual views are present, one can still get a clear sense of whether there is a consensus, and if so, what it is.


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  • Dan Wilkinson

    “not entirely happy with just the numbers”! Well, I just think it’s easier to visualize these things with pretty colors and bar charts. I’m happy either way! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • James F. McGrath

      Glad you are happy, and also glad you made the colorful chart! :-)

  • Matthew Richardson

    Dr. McGrath,

    Does the person you know who doubts the Pauline authorship of Galatians do so on the basis of Gal 6:11? I have heard that some feel this verse points to the pseudonymity of this epistle. I’d be curious to hear your view on this issue if you are willing to give it.



    • James F. McGrath

      He and I have always said we’d sit down and talk about it, but have never managed to find the time to do so, alas.