Religion and Doctor Who Synchroblog

I am proposing that, on November 2nd, the day that a conference on Religion and Doctor Who is being held at the University of Manchester, we organize a synchroblog on the topic. For a blog like mine, it may just be business as usual. But hopefully blogs that regularly cover Doctor Who but rarely touch on religion, blogs that regularly focus on religion but rarely on Doctor Who, and blogs which normally cover neither but whose author(s) are interested in the intersection of these two topics, can all join in.

Please spread the word, and please participate!

If you need some food for thought, explore some of the links in this post, as well as posts on this blog on the topic. And of course, there’s always this…

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  • The Shape

    I’m in…

  • Keika

    First there was…”Sharktopus” then “Dinoshark” followed with
    “Sharknado,” and now we have… “Synchroblog!” I love it! I can smell the popcorn popping already!

  • The Shape

    I was eagerly making plans for this synchro-blog on November 2nd. Alas what was supposed to be three days without a modem turned into two weeks. Therefore, I am completely unprepared for it. I still intend to participate but I will save it for the day of the 50th anniversary. I’m looking forward to your post on the 2nd.

  • Julie Clawson

    How could I not participate :) My post –