Why You Should Support “At the End of the Day”

Why You Should Support “At the End of the Day” June 3, 2015

Every once in a while, there is a faith based film that comes down the pike that captures an important moment and message in American culture. In the LGBTQ/Faith intersection, there have been a number of powerful documentary films that have powerfully captured the tensions between Christians and LGBTQ individuals. But, to my knowledge, there has never been a faith based, feature length film that addresses this tension with the wit, charm, and grace of a feature length  comedy…. until now.

Filmmaker Kevin O’Brien has written up a beautiful, accurate, and engaging comedy about the tensions LGBTQ Christians face in the world today. As I have read through the screenplay, I have found myself consistently amazed at how well this story captures my experience and the experience of many of the people I work with in this space. More than that, I am so impressed with how Kevin has communicated so many difficult stories and situations with such hilarity and grace. The more I read, the more convinced I became that this film needs to come to life.  Instead of me gushing over this film for the next 4 paragraphs, take a second to check out this “infomercial” from Kevin for more details:

I am truly excited about this project and would love to see it come to fruition. But for that to happen, we need your help. To produce At the End of the Day, Kevin and his team need to raise at least $75,000. It sounds like a massive amount (and it is) but if all of us who have lived in the midst of this tension- whether in regards to our own faith and sexuality or as an ally to the LGBTQ community- dig deep and sacrificially give to this beautiful project, I am confident that Kevin will create a game-changing film that we all will benefit from.

To find out more and to support At the End of the Day, check out their Kickstarter Campaign below. And thank you ahead of time for your generosity!



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