Why I Can No Longer “Stand Up” For Israel

Post By: Christian Stackaruck, Theology ContributorI love Israel.I have studied, lived, and served in Israel and cannot wait to return to do so again. Further, many of my dearest friends are Israeli or are ardent supporters of Israel. Recently, reading about recent violence between Israel and Palestine in the news has reawakened years of questions and emotions that, from time to time, I succeed in laying to rest.I used to be pro-Israel in every sense of the word. After departing … [Read more...]

8 Things You Need To Know About Gaza


The ongoing crisis in Gaza is complex. As I have said before, in these turbulent times, our first calling as followers of Jesus is to pray for peace. Peace between Israel and Hamas. Peace between Jews and Palestinians. Peace between all those who stand divided by these issues. We should work to prevent bitterness and hatred from arising, and instead seek the way of grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. But that road is long and difficult. The path towards peace is one we must all continue to … [Read more...]

Hamas, the IDF, & Peace in the Middle East

I have a headache.I have been sitting around all day reading about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The situation is so incredibly complex. Emotions are high.Everyone has an opinion. No one seems to have a concrete answer. Few seem to have any verifiable facts.We see news reports of Israeli citizens cheering as they watch the IDF's shower of rockets rain down on Gaza, killing dozens of civilians. We hear reports of Hamas, the Palestinian terror group, using their own people … [Read more...]

Church of Fear, Church of Love

Post By: Matthew Morrissey, ContributorIts 11pm on a Sunday evening, a time that represents an end and a beginning; a completion and a threshold share their presence. Sitting across from me is my friend, my brother and confidante. As we consume the remaining crumbs of a shared three dollar appetizer I am reminded of how extraordinary the ordinary can be. He talks and I listen; that’s our usual rhythm. We tell stories, stories that represent our togetherness and stories that tell our journey. … [Read more...]

No More Fear

I recently have had many conversations with friends of mine about where I am and where I have come theologically over the past few years. Looking back and seeing the journey that I have been on (and still continue on) it has been amazing to see the things that I have delved into, the ideas I have contemplated, and the people that I have interacted with from all across the theological spectrum. In reflecting on how these experiences have impacted me personally, one overwhelming reality dawned on … [Read more...]

3 Ways Christians Use Theology to Misuse the Bible

Post by: Christian Stackaruck, Theological ContributorIn recent years, theology has garnered a very popular reputation as being dead. In fact, more people probably believe that Elvis is alive and well than the study of theology. As a student of theology I have come to know this quite well. When asked by Christians what I study I now say, “ministry,” and when speaking with non-believers I say, “ancient Near Eastern languages and religious systems.” In the instance of the latter, I do not soun … [Read more...]