Can Christians ever live with Muslims

Over the next several months let’s discuss some of the buzz and hype about whether Christians and Muslims can ever live without conflict in the same world. Your comments are welcome!

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  • roberthunt

    Let’s start the conversation with some history. Christians have in fact lived with Muslims for over a thousand years. In some places and at some times relations were quite warm. Christians rose to high positions in Muslim societies and Christians and Muslims working together made contributions to the cultural heritage of the western world. At other times Christians have felt oppressed by Muslims, and have believed that they were treated like second or third class citizens. Of course the converse is true as well. Muslims have felt oppressed in dominantly Christian societies. Even today we find both situations. Many Muslims have actively sought out the “good life” in dominantly Christian societies. And for many years I lived in a dominantly Muslim society which was not perfect for Christians, but was hardly oppressive. I had healthy and happy relations with my Muslim neighbors even though they knew I was a Christian missionary actively living out my faith.

    In other words we know its possible for Christians to live with Muslims. The real question is whether these situations are historical flukes, or whether they represent what each religion really wants in relationship to the other!