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The thing I hear most often when speaking about Islam and Muslims is that Muslims don’t seem to ever condemn violence and terrorism. I point out that the reason for this perception is that cable news and mainstream media almost never carry such condemnations. Below you will find a statement from ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America dated November 4, 2010. It is one of dozens in my file. Ask yourself whether this statement by the largest Muslim group in North America has been given even a moment of airtime or newspaper space. And ask yourself why.



ISNA Condemns Barbaric Attack and Murders of Catholic Worshipers in Iraq
(Plainfield, IN Nov 4, 2010)  ISNA condemns in the strongest terms and is outraged by the recent barbaric attack which claimed the lives of fifty-eight innocent worshipers and wounded seventy-five others at the Sayidat al-Nejat Catholic Church in Iraq this past Sunday. ISNA urges the world-wide community to pray for the lives of those lost, injured, and affected by these attacks and urges the Iraqi authorities to diligently protect places of worship and ensure that people of all faiths are safe to pray in Iraq.

“ISNA believes in the rights of all people to worship freely without fear of intimidation or violence” said Imam Mohamed Magid, ISNA president. “The level of violence in this incident only heightens our responsibility to speak out against religious intolerance and hatred.” He added. ISNA supports religious freedom in words and actions. In the past, the ADAMS center, an affiliate of ISNA and where Imam Magid serves as an executive director, raised funds to rebuild churches that were destroyed by extremists in Pakistan.

“Not long ago our partners in interfaith, from the Catholic community, stood with us here in America to condemn religious intolerance against Muslim places of worship; today, we stand with them as they grieve the loss of their fellow Catholics and reiterate our commitment to the right of their community to worship freely in Iraq” Said Dr Sayyid Syeed, ISNA National Director for interfaith and community alliances.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group that has ties to al Qaeda, claimed responsibility for these horrific attacks.  The majority of the attacks and killings carried out by this group in the past have been against Mosques that do not agree with their violent ideology.

ISNA will continue to work with its interfaith partners to promote justice, peace and tolerance and stand against unlawful actions such as those perpetrated by religious extremists last Sunday.



Sarah Thompson

ISNA Communications Coordinator
(o): 317-839-1816

(c): 317-679-6350


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