Atheism Ruining Military Careers!? pt. 1

  This is going to be a 3 part please stay tuned!  The fear isSo many people have come to thank me for coming out as not only an atheist in the military but an activist as well. I've heard harrowing stories about how some people have had their careers completely sidelined due to the fact that they are atheists. I wanted to convey some of those stories now. When I am able and when those people are willing I will divulge that information. However, many … [Read more...]

Tender-hearted Marines

 The thing about stereotypesMarines have a reputation for being badass and that's pretty true. They're really good at what they do and they don't take a lot of shit from other people (who aren't Marines). However, they are some of the most gushy, tender-hearted SOB's I've ever had the pleasure of working with.From time to time you'll hear stories that will shatter your preconceived notions.Shattering preconceived notionsMarines LOVE romance movies -- commonly referred to as chick … [Read more...]

This Memorial Day…

Enjoy your barbecues but remember why you get them.   … [Read more...]

Atheists are brave in war but not in life

According to someSo sometimes I will listen to talk radio on the AM stations. You know, the ones that play Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and the always comical Glen Beck. I don't actually listen to those shows most of the time because I feel like my brain is melting...but I do listen to some of the local shows. The local AM shows dial down the rhetoric and are sometimes quite informative...if not a bit too conservative for my tastes.Regardless I was listening to a station and they were talking … [Read more...]

Blah! Another pointless death…

In Britain today...If you haven't heard about the brutal assault taking the life of a British soldier it is saddening and appalling. I didn't plan on writing a post like this and I don't have much input. It's another ideological religious crusade taking the life of a service member. It matters not what religion was involved to me...any one is equally as bad as the other.After the Boston bombings and now this on the international headlines I begin to think this is more than mere … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Atheists need Your Help! *final update*

       The Oklahoma Atheists are hurting......and so are the Christians, the Muslims, the Wiccans, the Deists, and well...all the humans! I'm not gonna embellish too much on this post as I just want to get it out there. I contacted the head of the Oklahoma Atheists, Red McCall, when he asked for help on Facebook. There are lots of people affected by this tragedy. Many are homeless, without shelter, and have lost loved … [Read more...]

What I’ve been up to

DeploymentThis last year has had its ups and downs for me and I've gone through quite a bit. I traveled to multiple different countries throughout the Western Pacific and the Middle East. Rock Beyond Belief secured a promise from the Marines to cease religious proselytization violations. I made new friends and severed some old relationships. And now I'm back in the United States of America.Here's a list of some stuff that's gone on in the last year: I traveled to 7 different countries … [Read more...]