‘God’s Not Dead’ is Sort of Catholic? UPDATED

More here soon, for now read this:

Though it is frequently described as a “Christian film” (which it is), the fact is not always mentioned that the two men who penned the screenplay are devout Catholics, Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman.

Read the interview at the National Catholic Register.

I’ll post a longer update soon, after I teach class this evening. If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll be referring to my review of God’s Not Dead, here.


I don’t really feel like typing more effort into what is, at this point, just a really bad movie. Sure, I had a strong and serious response and tried to give it a fighting chance, but right now I am more worried that I’m giving ugliness too much credit. Sorry, more on other stuff soon.

In the meantime, you may want to read through my archived tab of The Weekly Apocalypse.

  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    From the Register interview:
    Konzelman: The sentiment of Christians in this country is no longer “Don’t tread on me”; it’s “Stop treading on me.” That’s where we are. Our culture has become predominantly secular-humanist. We’ve largely lost that battle already, and, now, we’re just fighting for the right to be who we are in public life.

    Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/gods-not-dead-and-christianity-in-america-isnt-either/#ixzz2ziyAUdhQ

    That is precisely how I feel. Especially today, the day that a Jesuit trained homosexual judge is about to throw out a democratic vote in my state.

    • paizlea

      I’d correct Konzelman to read: The sentiment of Christians in this country is no longer “Don’t tread on me”; it’s “What happened? We used to tread on others with impunity and now we can’t!” Soon, we’ll have Christians calling for the return of the days that homosexuals could be thrown in jail and denied employment simply for spending time in gay bars. The world doesn’t need more Pharisees, as too many so-called Christians have become.

      • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

        We need more Pharisees because we have more Anarchists. Throwing out the concepts of good and evil doesn’t help the conversation, and as it turns out, the gay mafia is far more vindictive and violent than any group of Christians has ever been.

        • paizlea

          Is that what Jesus taught about Pharisees? That they were a great way to deal with Anarchists?

          • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

            Jesus had only Pharisees. Anarchists in Jesus’ day were taken care of by the Romans. Usually in a very deadly way.

          • paizlea

            So Jesus hated the Pharisees, but only because there were no Anarchists for Jesus to hate more? Do you have any scripture that talks about how Jesus was grateful that the Romans got rid of all those anarchists?

          • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

            Why would he be? He was teaching for the culture he had, not the culture you want. Besides, from his point of view, the modern anarchist atheist is no different than a Roman- just as oppressive, for all the wrong reasons.