Pope Francis to Muslims, Jews, and Christians: “We have the same Father in heaven.”

After my post yesterday, the Patheos Muslim channel responded magnanimously in two posts: “Summer of Our Discontent,” by Rabia Chaudry, and “I am Proud to be of Christian and Muslim Heritage,” by Precious Rasheeda Muhhamad. I thank them for their attention and concern. 

Deacon Greg Kandra has added (and updated) a post of his own, with more links and information about the widespread ISIS condemnations from Muslims around the world.

I would like add a slightly dated source: Pope Francis’ address to an inter-faith group from Argentina that met in the Vatican this past February. In it, Francis offers a key genealogical and theological lesson regarding Abrahamic religious ancestry that unites Muslims, Jews, and Christians.


I will strive to seek out a more productive and salutary culture of encounter, even as I mourn the vicious encounters between ISIS and their victims, and the violence and suffering that are far too easy to find these days.

Where there are wounds, may we seek healing.

  • Ariana

    Very true so:
    Pope Francis to Muslims, Jews, and Christians: “We have the same Father in heaven.”
    only the Muslims had given a different appearance and character to their God so they had created other one. Christians having their roots in the Old Testament are keeping it as it with respect and reverence. Jesus said: “I haven’t came to change the law but to fulfill it !” Therefore when we sin, we do put nails in Jesus hands too, so is not the Jewish to be blame especially these days when we really so bad staying away from God’s commandments.