How The Way to Happiness is Transforming Lives seen on the Scientology Religion website, director of the Atlanta Community Education and Resource Center, Mr. Orlando Johnson provides services to those with hardcore problems of drugs and alcohol, crime and illiteracy. When he brought The Way to Happiness to his Center, he says he brought the formula for living, and he has seen its impact on his clients. He announced to the thousands gathered for the dedication and opening of the new Church of … [Read more...]

How Religion Affects the Integration of Refugees in Greece

I was fascinated to read an article by Alexandra Markovich on Religious News Service on the refugee problem in Greece.The country has been very welcoming to asylum-seekers for the most part, but the article points to problems on the horizon.Greece, surrounded by the Islamic World as it is, has held fast to its Orthodox faith.  And Greeks fiercely defend their national identity--even those born in the country whose parents immigrated are not considered "real" Greeks.Markovich writes, " … [Read more...]

How Religious Leaders of Other Faiths View the Scientology Religion

The Scientology Religion website has a video interview with interreligious leader and professor of comparative religion, Rabbi Michael Shevack.  speaks to the universal truths of the Scripture and theology of the Scientology religion and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. He conveys his sentiments of the Church and its members, stating “It’s filled with people… who want to leave the world in a better place” and who are “dedicated to affirming … [Read more...]

Religious Persecutions Against the Yazidis

In reading today's blog on the Scientology Religion website I came across something I was unaware of—the persecution of the Yazidis.The blog states that Jan Figel, the European Union's first Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the EU classifies the persecution of the Yazidis by ISIS as genocide.Looking for more information, I found another even more disturbing article on Christian Today describing the systematic raping of young Yazidi wo … [Read more...]

Rev. Joseph J. Jones on the Significance of the Opening of the Church of Scientology Harlem

The Church of Scientology and Community Center of Harlem, New York, opened their doors July 31.One of the guest speakers at the even, Rev. Joseph J. Jones, said: “Harlem has been the renaissance of a great many movements. It’s just stand-to-reason that the Church of Scientology would be another chapter in Harlem’s history for another great movement."His was a very inspiring speech and I include it here. … [Read more...]

International Religious Freedom Day

An article on International Religious Freedom Day (today) on the new Scientology Religion website bears repeating. Freedom of religion or belief may well be the most important of all human rights. It encompasses freedom of conscience--the freedom to have one's own thoughts and beliefs, to maintain one's own personal integrity, one's individuality, to see and conclude based on one's own viewpoint.This 1998 International Religious Freedom Act extends from the importance granted this right by o … [Read more...]

ADHD Awareness Month and the Psychiatric Drugging of Children Age 0-6

I hope you find this video shocking. I do. It is criminal to allow our babies and children to be put on dangerous psychiatric drugs.Here is another video with a tragic example of the ramifications:  … [Read more...]

Atlanta Religious Leader Speaks About Scientology Humanitarian Programs

At the grand opening of the Church of Scientology Atlanta earlier this year, I found the speech by Rev. Dr. James Milner particularly moving, especially when he described marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."My thirst for freedom is born from these experiences," he said."Drugs are the almighty oppressor today. They cause people to lose their humanity. Then addiction leads to deprivation, which brings about desperation. The crime rate goes up. The educational levels drop and the … [Read more...]